Online Defence Games

Online Defence Games are strategic games that you can play online. A good resource that will giving you lots of information about these types of real time strategy games is the Wikipedia Tower Defence games page.

The Games

The goal of these various different games is to stop the enemies progressing towards your base and wiping you out. You do this in most cases by gaining resources and using said resources to bolster up your defences and stop the enemy attackers.

Some popular games include:

  • Defenders of Ardania
  • Plants vs zombies
  • Tree Defence
  • Ultimate Defence
  • Castle Wars
  • Art of war

In fact there are literally hundreds of different games to choose from, many of them available for free.

Other Types Of FreeĀ Online Games

There are various types of online games, each with different pros and cons, different strategy, and are suitable for different ages. At the time of writing we currently enjoy playing a good old game of bingo, there is nothing better than sitting on the sofa and playing a few games for free. On top of that, we have also loved playing at Yahoo Games, they are a free site that provide web based games for free. Some of my favourites include chess, checkers and pool. Stay tuned for our latest tower defence resources, plus check out our favourite free games sites below.


  1. Buttercup Bingo: A great site to play free online bingo games.
  2. Yahoo Games: A great selection of free online games for all ages.
  3. Miniclip: Dozens of different tower defence games.